Jesu Juva

Listening to J.S. Bach for many individuals brings a sense of wonder and awe. The music wraps around us in intricate weavings of melody. We hear different voices that interact with each other in ways that evoke emotions deep within us.

Bach's works for single instruments such as The Well-Tempered Clavier or the Cello Suites provide a singular instrument with multiple voices that speak to us in ways that words cannot.

Words meant a great deal to Bach also. He would write "S.D.G" at the bottom of his manuscripts. S.D.G. was an abbreviation for Soli Deo Gloria-"To God Alone, the Glory". Powerful words from a powerful composer. More telling though is what he would write at the top of the paper before he started. He would write "J.J. which stood for "Jesu Juva". Jesu Juva translated would be "Jesus Help Me". If we pause for a moment and think about J.J., it is very stunning. It is Bach's opening prayer to God before he begin to compose.

How often before you sit down to work, do you ask for Jesus's help? The next time you listen to Bach, it will sound different to you.

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