G.I.F.T. 3-6-2016

 Growing In Faith Together  

 March 6, 2016

 Today’s Texts: 
 Joshua 5:9-12 
 Psalm 32 
 2 Corinthians 5:16-21
 Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

Gathered by Grace 
 Jesus tells a parable about a son who ponders his father’s love only after he has spurned it. The grace he receives is beyond his hopes. That same grace is a crisis for an older brother who believed it was his obedience that earned his place in the father’s home.

Discuss in your household or small group: 
* How are the relationships in the Gospel story shaped by grace?
* How does grace affect the entire community in the story?
* Read the missing verses in the Gospel, 15:3-10. What theme ties these 3 stories together? What do they say about God?

Daily Bible Readings
These readings are related to the Sunday readings. M-W reflect upon the past Sunday’s readings and Th-Sa prepare for the next Sunday.  Try to take time each day to read the assigned Bible passage.
Sunday         Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32
Monday         Luke 9:10-17
Tuesday         Leviticus 25:1-19
Wednesday Psalm 53
Thursday         Psalm 126
Friday         Isaiah 43:1-7
Saturday         Isaiah 43:16-21
Sunday         John 12:1-8

NEXT SUNDAY: Isaiah 43:16-21; Psalm 126; Philippians 3:4b-14; John 12:1-8

Prayers for this Week

For the Week: 
Thank you, God, for your super-extravagant love!  

Throughout the Day: 
Call my heart to your banquet, O God.

A Blessing to Share: 
Be God’s loving embrace.

Say responsively for mealtime: 
If anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: see everything has become new!

Lenten Mealtime Prayer:
Lord, we gather by your grace
Forgiven much, we seek your face
Fed with these gifts of yours so kind 
Lead us to love all whom we find. Amen.

For further reflection  

Devotional Practice: 
Re-read Luke 15:11b-32. Reflect on these questions throughout the week: How am I counted among the lost? How do I feel alienated from all that is going around me? How do I find my way back home? One way that I will respond to God’s extravagant grace and mercy to me is . . .. . Put your thoughts into a prayer.

Ritual for the Lenten Season: 
One faith practice in Lent is prayer which allows you to keep concerns and people in your heart and before God. Find some kind of box to be used as a prayer box.  Make a list of prayer topics and write each one onto a separate index card. Place the cards into the box. At the start of each week, pull out one or two cards and place these on your fridge or notice board as your prayer topic for the week.

Scattered to serve

The Crisis Center Food Bank provides birthday bags to families with children age 3 -15. The bags contain items necessary to create a birthday party. It is important that every bag’s contents be uniform. Please do not add extra items. Make a birthday special by providing:  An extra-large gift bag; 2 foil cake tins, round; Cake mix; Container of frosting; Package of birthday candles; 8 party plates, napkins & cups, any color or theme; 8 party favors such as candy, pencils, lip balm, etc. (may include up to 3 sets of 8); A book (preferred) or toy as a birthday gift. Attach a note about the gender and age-appropriateness of gift. Bring it to Gloria Dei or drop it off yourself.

How to Find Us

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Iowa City

Gathered by grace. Scattered for service.

123 E Market Street
Iowa City, IA 52245