Humility - Reflections - 8-25-16

 Texts for Sunday August 28, 2016

 Proverbs 25:6-7

 Psalm 112 

 Hebrews 13:1-8, 

 Luke 14:1, 7-14 

Last night I attended the first worship service for Lutheran Campus Ministry at U of Iowa. Pastor Sarah stressed that ALL – anyone, everyone – were welcome to that service and the meal that was served. 

Yesterday afternoon I read an article from Sojourners magazine on teaching, learning, and accepting the concept of “social privilege” or “white privilege”. We privileged ones get fairly defensive and fragile when we start understanding our part in systematic racism/class-ism.

I had already been pondering how privilege played into this summer filled with violence, fear, conflict, isolationism, xenophobia… as well as into our over-the-top emphasis on gold winners at the Olympics, and the national metal count … and finally into Lochte’s “ugly American” episode in Rio.

Humility has been identified as a virtue for a reason; it does not always come easily. I joke around the office that I am the humblest person I know. And proud of it. That will always get at least a giggle from Annie. 

In this text Luke continues hammering on one of his main points. Things are going to be turned upside down. Top dog? Nope. Move on down. Assume privilege and prestige? Nope. First last, last first.  See all those people? God loves them too. And they are invited to the feast.

As followers, we need to sit in the lowly spot and meet the people we believe are “beneath us”. Look at them with God’s eyes and see how loved they are.  And pay attention to those we don’t even usually see; those are the folks invited to the feast. Open your eyes and see how expansive God’s love is; then, open your heart and be a part of that expansive love.

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