Thursday, February 22

Put an extra place setting to your table. During your meal, let the empty place remind you of the people in our world who are left out or go unnoticed. 
Together at the table, name some of those people. 

Pray a prayer for them or use this one from Evangelical Lutheran Worship:  

Most merciful God, we call to mind before you all whom it is easy to forget: those who are homeless, destitute, sick, isolated, and all who have no one to care for them. May we bring help and healing to those who are broken in body or spirit, that they may have comfort in sorrow, company in loneliness, and a place of safety and warmth; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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Written by Pam Larabee-Zierath

Gathered by Grace, Scattered for Service
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  1. Instead of symbolism and self-satisfaction, why don't you encourage people to find a person in need for that empty chair? What does an empty chair solve?

    1. Thanks. That is a great question. It feels a bit like "thoughts & prayers", doesn't it?
      I tend to invite others to take baby steps in spiritual growth exercises. I need to think about how to move beyond that. How can you fill the empty chair?