Thursday of Holy Week, 3/29

Read Mark 14:43-72 

As a part of our Baptism/Affirmation of Baptism rites, we (or our parents) renounce – reject, refuse, give up - the forces that defy God, the powers that rebel against God, the sin that draws me from God.

These verses in Mark show such forces and powers at work. Jesus goes before the council of religious leaders who provide false testimony, a quick verdict, and a sentence of death. The guards mock and spit upon Jesus. Peter denies him three times. 

How does Jesus’ response to his accusers demonstrate his authority? 
What do you think caused Peter to respond the way he did? 

Think about your own resistance to evil. Reflect on the "normal" powers and everyday systems in our world, our society, and our cities. The Church itself has a long history in which people have been oppressed, exploited, shamed and excluded using religion as an excuse. 

What has been your response to these systems? 
Have you learned to live with them? Is there a different way to live?

What is your prayer for this day?

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