Seeing is a Work of Grace

Seeing things as they actually are usually takes time. How else are we to explain the fact that no one—no one! —noticed the resurrected Jesus at first sight? Seeing the resurrection requires a second look, another glance. It takes a while for our eyes to adjust to the light of the resurrection, and then all of life looks radically different…Seeing God’s “new thing” is about seeing an old thing in a new way through a new lens. 

Such is the miracle of Gospel sight—to see what has always been there in such a radically new way that it becomes a new thing. This is always a work of grace, and we can only handle so much of it at once.

by Kris Rocke and Joel Van Dyke, Geography of Grace, Doing Theology from Below, as quoted by Inward/Outward: a project of the Church of the Saviour
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Written by Pam Larabee-Zierath

Gathered by Grace, Scattered for Service
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