Good Friday 4-15-22

Luke 23:32-49

Jesus hangs between two criminals on a cross with a sign that says "This is the king of the Jews" and prays for those who have placed him there. Several people around him and one of the criminals jeer at him as he hangs.
The power of darkness covers the land.
But Jesus' righteousness is recognized by the other criminal. Jesus is also surrounded by family and friends who stand afar and watch as he commends
his spirit into God's hands and dies. Finally, a Roman soldier acknowledges
"Certainly this man was innocent".

Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom ...
Today you will be with me in paradise.

+ What hope do these verses offer?

+ Why do you think Jesus' family and friends stand at a distance?

+If you could only say one thing about Jesus at the end of this week, what would you say?

+ What do the second criminal and the Roman soldier demonstrate about discipleship for us?

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