G.I.F.T. 6-5-2022

Growing In Faith Together
June 5, 2022

Today’s Texts
Genesis 11:1-11
Acts 2:1-21
Psalm 104:24-34
Romans 8:14-17
John 14:8-17, 25-27

The Spirit brings us together. In Acts we read how confused disciples are transformed in the rush of mighty wind and flames. In John, the Advocate comes along side us forever. We are given Spirit gifts of life, empowerment, vision, and strength as we proclaim God’s message of love to all people.
Discuss in your household or small group:
* We are a people no longer easily impressed: in an age of technological wonders, what would it take then to astonish us?
* What are the "languages" that divide people in your everyday life?
* How is the presence of the Holy Spirit evident in your life?
* In what ways does the Holy Spirit blow through Gloria Dei?

These readings are related to the Sunday readings. M-W reflect upon the past Sunday’s readings and Th-Sa prepare for the next Sunday. Try to take time each day to read the assigned Bible passage.
Sunday John 14:8-17, 25-27
Monday Psalm 48:12-14
Tuesday 1 Corinthians 2:12-16
Wednesday Luke 1:30-35
Thursday Psalm 8:1-5
Friday Ephesians 4:1-6
Saturday Proverbs 4:7-9
Sunday John 16:12-15
NEXT SUNDAY: Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31; Psalm 8; Romans 5:1-5; John 16:12-15

For the Week: Thank you, Holy Spirit, that your wind blows new life into our lives.

Throughout the Day: Come Holy Spirit!

A Blessing to Share: May the Spirit of God fill your life in its disruptive, daring, colorful ways!

For mealtime say responsively: Do not let your heart be troubled: Do not let them be afraid.

Pentecost Mealtime Prayer:
For bacon, eggs and buttered toast,
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 

Devotional Practice: 
Start by taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. Imagine God’s breath blowing life into you; see yourself “aflame” with the presence of God. Reflect on how you experience the Spirit of God in your life. What images do you have for the Spirit? How does the breath of the Spirit make a difference in your life? End with prayer.

Ritual for Pentecost:
The day of Pentecost is RED -- a color of fire and zeal and passion and heat. Let the Spirit lead your celebration this week. Maybe you’ll work red or flame-orange clothes/accessories into your wardrobe. Or maybe you’ll serve red and zingy foods – Italian pasta dishes with hot sausage & tomato sauce, or Mexican food with red peppers, chilies, & tomatoes. If you eat that red supper together with family/friends, light a candle for each person. Let each say something brief about where the Spirit's flame burns in your life. Come Holy Spirit!

What gifts has the Spirit given you to benefit the common good? Use them!

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