What is The Mission Endowment Fund?

The Mission Endowment Fund is managed by the Mission Endowment Committee which, in turn, utilizes the investment services of a professional financial advisor (currently the Trust Department at Hills Bank). As set forth in Gloria Dei’s Constitution, this Committee was formed to “accomplish purposes that further the mission of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church” beyond the operational budget of the church. The Endowment Fund is financed in most cases by private donations from congregation members of Gloria Dei. Such donations are usually in the form of direct contributions or contributions through Last Will and Testaments. And, since the Fund is set up to function for the life of Gloria Dei, the donations provide benefits to needed projects and Christian organizations for years and years into the future. 

These purposes include: 

  1. A minimum of 20% of any distributions are to be made to local community agencies or to synodical or churchwide ministries. 
  2. Capital improvements, debt reduction, building program, or the initial funding of a new ministry (with the initial funding limited to two years). 
  3. Other causes which, in the discretion of the Committee, are consistent with enhancing the mission of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. 
 NOTE: No funds can be used for the annual operating budget of the congregation. 

Currently, distributions are made twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall. The maximum amount, using the formula provided in the Constitution, that can be spent in calendar year 2022 is $23,520. 

If you have any questions about the Endowment Fund and/or wish to make a contribution to the Fund that would last for years to come, please feel free to contact  the Endowment Committee members.  Contact the church office (church@gatheredbygrace.org) for more contact details.  


Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Mission Endowment Committee

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