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  2. I would like to thank Pastor Roger for his comments in the September issue of "Rejoice" regarding the difference between friendliness and hospitality. I could so relate to the story of the visitor who stood in a church narthex amid coffee, conversation and laughter without a single person coming to welcome her personally. I, too, have had that experience (in Minnesota mind you, not Iowa), and it was the loneliest Sunday I have ever experienced. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for explaining in detail just what we can do to show hospitality to strangers and welcome all who come to our church.

    1. Thanks, Rosella! I will make sure Pastor Roger sees your note.

  3. Thank you all for a lovely worship experience this morning. It seemed a bit strange to not be there in person, of course, but the layout of the bulletin and live feed of the service made it easy to follow and join in.

    A couple of suggestions for consideration:
    1) It might be worth a try to position the camera in the center aisle closer to the Baptismal Font as it would make it easier to see all locations of readers/leaders and not be a distant from them. Possibly zoom in to each location as well during their portions of the service.
    2) I would have liked to have Pastor Roger come directly to the camera (same distance as in the beginning when he was making announcements today) to offer the host to those watching. That would have made it feel more personal for my experience.

    Thank you again and have a blessed and healthy week.

    Desmond Drischell

  4. I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words of sympathy at the passing of my Mom on 11/13/2020. I've received numerous cards and well wishes that have been a great comfort to me.

    Desmond Drischell