Water To Thrive

Water to Thrive is a faith-based non-profit dedicated to the mission of bringing clean, safe water to those who need it in rural Africa. An ad hoc committee of Gloria Dei members has adopted an ongoing ministry to work with the Water to Thrive team in Austin, Texas. 

 Water to Thrive focuses on bringing safe water to rural communities in Africa, primarily Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania. We do this with water projects – hand-dug wells, spring protection systems, and borehole wells – located in the communities with need. Hundreds of thousands of people in rural Africa are enjoying clean safe water for the first time in their lives because of caring people
who support Water to Thrive.

Worldwide, nearly a billion people lack access to clean, safe water. More than a third of that number lives in East Africa.

A lack of access to clean water limits community development and economic growth. The cycle of poverty will not break until this changes.

Water to Thrive is transforming lives in rural Africa by bringing the sustainable blessing of clean, safe water to communities who need it most.

Please Click here TODAY to donate through Gloria Dei Lutheran Church!!

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